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Do you like eating the spare parts of Animals?

We don’t… and we didn’t think your dog should have to either. Mighty Munch is ultra-premium dog food, delivered right to your door!

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Locally sourced real food for your dog,
delivered monthly.

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Kibble…But Different!

Here’s the deal, most big brand dog food sucks! They’re made from cheap nasty fillers like corn, wheat and animal by-products which can be harmful and contain no nutritional value for Dogs.

That’s why we made Mighty Munch with REAL meats, so it’s protein-rich and flavorful... without the fillers. Our formula contains double the protein of leading brands, its 100% Grain Free and we use only the best locally sourced ingredients from farmers we trust.

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So, what are you waiting for?Stop lugging heavy bags of food around and start getting superfood for your dog delivered to your door!

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Here’s How Mighty Munch Delivery Works

Step 1

Step 1 Start by telling us about your dog. We’ll recommend a quantity for each order and delivery schedule.

You can also adjust this manually.

Step 2

Step 2 Your first order of Mighty Munch dog superfood ships immediately.

Then, we ship more Mighty Munch each month. Orders generally range from $35-$79 per month.

Step 3

Step 3 We will work with you to ensure you don't have too little or too much!

We also check in on your pup’s nutrition goals and make adjustments along the way.

Plus, as a loyal member of the Mighty Munch family, you’ll want to be on the lookout for monthly giveaways and other additional perks!

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Why make the switch?

Typical Kibble

  • Wheat based, which is bad for digestion
  • Left-over parts of animals
  • Full of nasty fillers with no nutritional value
  • Imported ingredients from countries like China

Mighty Munch

  • 100% Grain free, NO corn, wheat or soy
  • Made from real whole meats
  • NO Nasty fillers
  • Locally sourced ingredients from farmers we know and trust in the USA

No superhuman strength needed

Stop lugging around heavy bags of dog food…
Mighty Munch conveniently delivers your dog’s
special food straight to your door! No effort required!

Worried you will end up with too much or too little? You have full control to adjust the package size, and how often it gets delivered. You have access to your own Dashboard to manage your membership. We will also work with you once you sign up to get this right.

So stop lugging heavy bags of food around and start getting superfood for your dog delivered to your door.

Here's Why Customers Love Us

Bella absolutely loves it! Shes usually a picky pup, but she transitioned easily. I am happy knowing that she is being fed a nutritious diet. I am noticing a smoother coat and its only been a month.

Jeff, TX

I now have peace of mind knowing that my baby (dog) is being fed right. After reading up on how bad some mainstream brands are, I did my research and made the switch.

Monica, CA

Man, I don't think I can ever go back to having to actually buy dog food from the store. This is perfect, I get home from work and its waiting at my door. No more late trips to the shop.

Andrew, UT

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